Coco - Akita - 1 year 0 months - Female

She's majestic, she's captivating, she's adorable, she's... basically a big puppy dog. She's Coco! Coco wasted absolutely no time in solidifying her place in the hearts of the people that have had the pleasure to meet her. With her charming, playful and adoring nature, it's hard not to fall head over heels for this big bundle of fluff. Coco hasn't been dealt the best cards in life up to now. She fell pregnant at a young age and gave birth a litter of gorgeous little pups. However, still being a pup herself, she was not the best equipped to deal with her little nuggets, in spite of her best efforts. She has since been given the space she needed to live her life freely and the personality that greeted us falls nothing short of amazing. A beacon of love and adoration that wishes for nothing less than the longest cuddles, biggest kisses and the most enthusiastic booty scratches. However, due to the false start of her adolescence, Coco can very occasionally find herself getting caught up in her anxieties. She's looking for a patient family that can help guide her into adulthood with a reassuring hand to help her become the best girl she can be. Coco has proven herself to be rather sociable when out and about with other dogs however due to her needs, we believe her to be best as the only pet at the moment. But she would enjoy making a few doggy pals when out on walkies. She would be better suited to a household with children 14+ who are confident with bigger, bouncier dogs.

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