Save animal welfare standards

The Agriculture Bill, set to shape the future for our food and farming, is now making its way through Parliament. It is crucial for the welfare of farm animals, and maintaining standards for our food, that no products produced to lower welfare standards are allowed into the UK. Cruel and unhealthy practices like feeding growth hormones to pigs, chlorine washing chicken and cramped conditions are currently banned. Help us stop a race to the bottom for animals by urging the Secretary of State, Theresa Villiers, to prevent any import of lower welfare food products.

Animal welfare after Brexit

Our recent polling shows 71 percent of people are concerned that animal welfare standards could be watered down after Brexit. As negotiations on trade deals get underway, we are giving animals a voice, making sure their needs are recognised and standards maintained. Find out more

Support means success

Your fantastic support helped make 2019 a bumper year. After years of campaigning the Wild Animals in Circuses Act became law, meaning wild animals will no longer perform in circuses in England.

Other achievements include you taking over 155,000 RSPCA hosted actions - including over 11,000 emails asking MPs to support tougher sentencing for animal cruelty and 25,000 emails to councils asking for tighter firework regulations. In addition over 100,000 supported the #BetterDealforAnimals petition calling for the recognition of animals as sentient beings. Every week we hear of councils restricting fireworks, and we are working to ensure laws on animal sentience and sentencing are brought forward.

A big thank you to everyone who’s played a part in helping us achieve such great results for the RSPCA.