Working alongside our staff, our enthusiastic team of volunteers are a major support for our work in tackling animal cruelty.

How Volunteering Makes The Most Of Your Time

Whatever your motivation for volunteering one thing is certain - it’s a truly rewarding experience! Volunteering with us offers plenty of benefits, not only for our animals but also for you. By volunteering, you will develop new and exciting skills and be part of our caring and dynamic team.


How Can I Offer A Helping Hand?

By committing even a small amount of your time, you can offer a huge amount of help. From taking our rescue dogs for an enjoyable walk, to selling pet supplies in our retail store, to helping at one of our events, there’s an incredible range of ways that you can offer your support.

 Some of the ways that you can volunteer in animal care include:

  • Home visits
  • Foster care
  • Dog walking
  • Cleaning pens
  • Cat socialising

 There are also plenty of ways that you can volunteer to support our daily operations:

  • Shop assistant
  • Van driver
  • Event support
  • Meet and greet visitors at our Centre

Becoming A Volunteer

If you would be interested in joining our team of volunteers, the process is a simple one.

1. Submit an application (available on request from [email protected])

2. Your references will be applied for

3. You will be invited to an induction day (see dates below)

4. You will be given a start date within 10 days of your induction date

Induction Dates 2019

Application Round Application Deadline Induction Date
1 21st January 2019 30th January 2019 @ 10.00am
2 25th February 2019 15th March 2019 @ 10.00am
16th March 2019 @ 10.00am (Foster carer applicants only)
3 22nd April 2019 8th May 2019 @ 2.00pm
4 3rd June 2019 28th June 2019 @10.00am
29th June 2019 @ 10.00am
5 15th July 2019 1st August 2019 @ 2.00pm
6 26th August 2019 11th September 2019 @ 10.00am
7 30th September 2019 25th October 2019 @ 10.00am
26th Octber 2019 @ 10.00am (Foster carer applicants only)

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