Whilst in our care, our animals have their own pen - their own safe place. The pens are an important space for our animals and we make them feel as comfortable as possible. To support this, we run a pen sponsoring scheme called Safe Haven.

How Safe Haven Works

Safe Haven is a wonderful opportunity for you to sponsor our dog, cat or rabbit pens. By donating just £5.00 a month, your sponsorship will help to make the home of one of our rescue animals happier as they are rehabilitated.

While you may choose to sponsor a pen in your own name, this generous act can also be a special gift or done in memory of a beloved pet.

 In recognition of your donation, you will receive:

  • a certificate to proudly display
  • regular updates on the pen you are sponsoring and the work of the Animal Centre that you are helping to support
  • special invitations to events

To sponsor one of our pens and help care for local animals rescued from cruelty or neglect, please get in touch and start making the difference today.

Application Form