Rocco - Crossbreed - 3 years 9 months - Male

We are pleased to introduce you all to our stunning softie, Rocco. Rocco is truly a one of a kind, beautiful soul - the love that this boy has to give is truly limitless and he is seeking a family that will show him the same adoration that he will give them. He craves nothing more than the most gentle affections, forever seeking comfort in your arms and finding confidence in your presence. Rocco can be rather nervous upon first meeting strangers and would like for his future family to respect this. He would also like them to grant him the patience and space needed to allow his true colours to shine through.

For this, you will be rewarded with the most perfect snuggle buddy one could ever ask for. Rocco has a wonderfully soft nature about him. There's something so genuine about how Rocco acts with those that he considers to be "his people". He loves to keep his head just beneath yours, gazing up at you with eyes full of adoration. He will paw at you ever so gently until you take his paw in your hand and simply hold him like that for as long as is allowed.

Rocco is looking for compassionate owners, someone that will not only see -but truly understand- this gorgeous soul. That can persevere, and overcome his initial aloof personality. That are happy to work with him and help reassure him, to boost his confidence and help him understand just how loved and accepted he really is. Because of Rocco's current needs, he would be best suited in an adult only home as the only dog. However, Rocco has proved that he is comfortable with socialising with some of our calmer dogs here on centre and so we believe he would be more than capable of making a few doggy friends while out and about.

If you are interested in offering Rocco a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.