Teddie - Pomeranian - 3 years 11 months - Male

This adorable bundle of fluff is the terrific Teddie. Teddie is a beautiful boy both inside and out and he is on the lookout for a patient family that will grant him the time to allow his true personality to shine through. Teddie is quite comfortable meeting new people, he has no apprehensions, nor anxieties when it comes to strangers. Teddies is well aware of just how cute he is, and is more than happy to use this to his advantage when it comes to making new friends. But Teddie has a few solid boundaries that he would like his future family to respect, not only with themselves, but also for any new people he meets. It's very easy to be drawn to Ted, given how beautiful he is. And when the mood strikes him, Ted can sometimes be all over you. Hopping into your lap, covering you in kisses and engaging in play. But other times, Teddie would prefer to be left to his own devices. Sometimes Teddie simply prefers to do his own thing on his own time without someone hovering over him. Sometimes Teddie just, understandably, prefers his own space. Teddie doesn't struggle to garner the attention of strangers with his stylish looks, but he's depending on his future family to stick up for him and ask people to take a step back if they get a little too handsy. Thankfully, Teddie is not one to ever turn down a good brush. He's very serious about the care of his luscious locks, and you will usually be met with a funny little bum wiggle as he realises he's in for a good groom. Due to Ted's independent personality, he would prefer a home with older children of 16+ that can respect the times he requests his own space. He would also like to be the only pet in the household, as while he has made a few friends on site, he holds the same boundaries with any potential canine companions, much like he does with people.

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