Ruby - Labrador - 3 years 0 months - Female

We are happy to introduce you all to our gorgeous girlie, Ruby. Ruby wasted no time leaving her mark on the staff here on centre with her charismatic and playful personality. Ruby holds all of the traits that make labradors all the more lovable and it's hard not to fall for everything this girl has to offer. Once you fall, you fall hard, something which she thrives off of as she begins to understand just how loved she truly is. Ruby has no trouble making friends with new people, every fresh face is a new bestie just waiting to be made. But when Ruby fully considers you to be one of "her people", you will see her true colours shining through that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Ruby greets just about anyone with a happy spring in her step and an enthusiastic tail wag. But for "Ruby's people", you get an extra surprise. You're always met with a happy girl bounding around and showing off her toys, and toys truly are the way to this girls heart. A nice game of fetch is never off the cards with this lassie - even if she doesn't really have the fetching part fully mastered yet. But she will always bring back whatever you throw! She just prefers to hold it in her mouth and roll around on her back making the happiest grunting noises instead. This is just Ruby's spin on a classic game, and who are we to deny her creativity? Those happy noises will soon become the backing track of your day to day life, it's something she expresses with not only toys, but also a good soft blanket or a tasty chew. Ruby is looking for an active family that can keep up with her love of being out and about, but also offer her a safe space to snuggle down once the day draws to a close. Ruby could happily thrive in a family with children 14+ that are confident around bouncy dogs such as her. However, Ruby has been a bit selective with other four legged friends here on centre, and with this she would prefer to be the only pet in the household.

If you are interested in offering Ruby a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.