Alfie - Greyhound/Crossbreed - 10 months - Male

This leggy laddy is the beautiful Alfie. Alfie is a younger chap who's looking for a family to offer him stability and guidance as he grows into a well rounded adult. But Alfie would like for his future family to value one thing above all: fun! Maybe it's the fact that he's 90% leg and maybe it's because he's still growing into his little body, but this boy is a comedic genius and his antics will guarantee a laugh from anyone around to witness them. His favourite thing in the world is bolting around in our secure compound area, going full speed ahead with very little spacial awareness. This is funny enough in itself, however this can quickly escalate into a full blown Bambi on ice situation if he forgets where his limbs are. But Alfie is not one for being bashful, he'll take a second to compose himself with a nice reassurance cuddle then be off like a shot all over again. Alfie is looking for an active family that can keep up with him and fulfill his needs for both physical and mental stimulation. He's a smart cookie, and picks up training without much issue, but will need a patient family that are happy to understand and work with his needs. Alfie has proven to be quite the socialite among dogs here on centre and he could potentially live with a similar active dog to help show him the ropes and keep him company. He could also live with children 12+ that are confident around high energy, bouncy dogs.

If you are interested in offering Alfie a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.