Poppie - German Shepherd Dog - 2 years 0 months - Female

Meet the beautiful Poppie, a sweet-natured and intelligent girl who is ready to find her perfect home. This girly is a gentle soul, who thrives on reassurance from her favourite people. We learned very quickly that Poppie loves company (and a good snack), and always likes to make sure that someone is right there with her when she's facing things that she's a little unsure about. She has found adjusting to life in kennels quite difficult, and will need a family who can offer her plenty of patience while she's adapting to life in a home as she can get overwhelmed quite easily when experiencing new things. Although Poppie has become known as a snuggle bug amongst staff, she can still struggle when meeting new people. Because of this, she would need a family who are aware of her anxieties and can help to build her confidence so that she can become the wonderful companion that we know she's more than capable of being. Due to her being a bit of a worry-bug, we would recommend that Poppie lives in an adult-only home with people who can not only provide her with lots of physical exercise, but who also understand the importance of nurturing her mind by keeping her brain busy. We would also ask that Poppie lives in a home with no other animals, as she does struggle when seeing dogs out and about here at the centre. She can be a powerful girl when she wants to be and can find new experiences quite difficult, but we're sure that with a loving, understanding family (who can always make sure to let her know when she's doing a good job), she would be a perfect addition to the home.

If you are interested in offering Poppie a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.