Electra - Crossbreed - 3 years 3 months - Female

This little ray of sunshine is the lovely Electra, a beautiful bulldog who's heart is as big as her head. Electra just lives for all things fuss and she truly gives the highest quality cuddles that anyone could ever ask for. Electra would prefer for her family to be around quite a lot in order to both give and receive these cuddles. Electra is a very sociable girlie and has absolutely no trouble making new friends, the first time she lays eyes on you will probably result in one of these lovely snuggles, and from there it's hard not to keep coming back for more.

Electra is also very much a foodie which is doing wonders for her manners training. Electra can occasionally be a little rude if she knows you have snacks to hand, but with a little patience, she's quickly learning that she doesn't have to jump up to get your attention. Electra does have a few medical issues that will be discussed with potential adopters, however it's nothing that impacts her quality of life. Due to this, Electra would be better suited as the only dog in the home, however she does quite enjoy making friends with the other calmer dogs here on centre. She could also live with children 8+.

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