All animals are sentient beings ie. they have the ability to feel emotion. This means that, like humans, they are able to feel pleasure and happiness - but also pain and suffering. The Sentience Bill acts as a legal recognition of this fact and is crucial in order to give animals the vital protection that they need.

The Sentience Bill was introduced last year and is currently on its journey through the Houses of Parliament. The UK Government has announced its intentions to recognise sentience but in order for the Bill to be as successful as possible, MPs need to hear from the public.


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The Bill has recently been amended to include decapods and cephalopods - meaning that animals like crabs, lobsters and octopus will too be recognised as sentient. This change came after scientific evidence proved that decapods and cephalopods have the ability to feel pain and distress, as well as positive feelings. The Sentient Bill would protect their welfare by putting a stop to the inappropriate keeping of these animals, as well as stopping barbaric practices such as live boiling.


In the last 20 years, we have witnessed significant improvements in animal welfare, including:

- barren battery cages banned

- animal testing for cosmetics ended

- import of seal products prohibited 


Unfortunately, with Brexit and leaving the European Union, UK animals are no longer protected by EU law. However, with your support, we could see animals protected by the same laws as they were protected by prior to Brexit.