Following our rabbit feature on BBC Look North on the 7th of June, we have summarised the key points of owning a rabbit.

Rabbits are a popular choice of pet for many families, and it's no surprise, as rabbits are highly intelligent, inquisitive animals. Because of this, owning rabbits can be extremely rewarding. 

  • Rabbits are highly sociable, the process of encouraging rabbits to live comfortably with one another is called bonding. Bonding takes time but is essential to carry out the process properly. Once bonded they will be lifelong companions. A neutered male and a neutered female are the best companions.

  • Rabbits are intelligent - pet rabbits can be taught to respond to commands using positive reward-based training. 

Rabbits come in a variety of breeds, shapes and sizes, and each bunny has their own unique personality. 

Rabbits are active animals and keeping them healthy and happy starts with making sure they have a comfortable home. Happy rabbits need:

  • A secure living space with enough room to be able to hop, run, jump, dig and stretch out fully when lying down. They'll need enough room to exercise and stand up fully on their back legs without their ears touching the roof.
  • A large living area and a secure shelter where they can rest, feel safe and are protected from predators, extremes of weather and temperature. Make sure their living space is safe and secure.
  • All areas are well ventilated, dry and draught-free - living in a draughty, damp, hot, poorly ventilated or dirty environment can cause suffering and illness.
  • Hiding places away from the sights and smells of predators (such as foxes, cats, dogs, ferrets and birds of prey). 
  • Daily exercise, if they're bored, they may suffer, so they'll need daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. 
  • Enough bedding to keep them warm 
  • Cleaning - regularly clean their housing and toilet areas.