July is National Ice Cream month, and whilst our pets shouldn't eat regular ice cream (containing dairy) there are plenty of other ways they can enjoy a cool treat.

Why can't pets eat 'normal' ice cream?

Many pets are lactose intolerant, meaning dairy can cause them to suffer from diarrhoea, vomiting and other GI upsets. As well as avoiding dairy, you should avoid giving your pets sugar, xylitol and chocolate to ensure your pet doesn't suffer from poisoning.

*Please always ensure that your pet has access to plenty of water, particularly in hot weather. Learn more on how to keep your pet comfortable in warm weather.*

Here are some pet-friendly treats to cool down your pet on those warmer days. These treats are also great enrichment activities which are great for keeping your pet occupied.


Frozen treats for feline friends

To make 10 servings for your cat, mix together the liquid from a tin of tuna and 400ml water, then add the mix into a paper cup or ice cube tray. You can then add a meaty stick treat in the top of each cube or cup and freeze.


Frozen treats for canine friends

To make 8 frozen treats for your dog, combine 200ml natural yogurt and 2 mashed bananas (you can also add 1 heaped teaspoon of dog friendly peanut butter), then dispense into paper cups or ice cube trays, and freeze.


Cool snacks for small furries

For small animals, you can keep their veggies in the fridge until just before you serve them as a refreshingly cool snack.


If you’re looking for more pet-friendly treat ideas, we have a ‘Pet-Friendly Cookbook’ available for purchase here

Connor (below) is clearly enjoying his frozen tuna treat.