Roxy came into our care after being signed over by her owner. She had a number of health issues, including problems with her ears, which we were thankfully able to treat successfully. She seemed well in herself and we were getting ready to rehome her. Then one day she was suddenly out of sorts, her demeanour changed and she was off her food. Fortunately, we had a vet on site that was able to check her over. Upon examination it seemed as though her uterus may be swollen so the decision was made to get her straight through to the vet practice for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed what we feared, an inflamed uterus which indicated Pyometra.

Pyometra is an infection in the uterus which leads to it becoming inflamed and filled with pus. Thankfully on this occasion it was caught early enough to act and Roxy was taken into theatre to remove her womb. Unfortunately in many cases Pyometra is not discovered early enough and leads to the dog passing away, or being put to sleep due to the infection being too serious to treat.

The best way to prevent your dog developing Pyometra is to have her spayed. Not only will it diminish the chances of Pyometra but will also avert other problems, such as phantom pregnancies, and lower the incidence of developing mammary tumours.

The surgery and treatment for Pyometra can run into 1000’s of pounds, and many insurance policies will not cover the cost as it is an avoidable condition through spaying.

If you are looking to have your dog spayed and need financial support we may be able to assist with part of the cost. Please contact our Animal Centre to check your availability.  

Happily, Roxy has had a good outcome thanks to the condition being caught early and she is now ready to find her forever home. If you are interested in rehoming Roxy please visit our website for details and to apply:

Any support towards the care Roxy has received, including the unexpected vet bills, no matter how small is greatly appreciated. We rely more than ever on kind donations from our followers and support from local businesses to keep running. You can donate below, via Paypal or our website. You can also donate £5 by texting RSPCADRB to 70085.

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