With many of us choosing a staycation this summer, follow these tips to keep your dog safe while on holiday in the UK.

  • Food – take your dog’s usual food with you. As difficult as it is to ignore the puppy dog eyes, scraps from the table and barbeque may cause an upset stomach.

  • Water – Don’t forget to take plenty of fresh water and an extra bowl when you head out for the day. If you are heading to the beach, salty seawater can add to the risk of dehydration in your dog and too much can even prove fatal. Do not encourage or allow your dog to drink from the sea and offer fresh water regularly.

  • Vets and medication – Make sure your dog is up to date with all treatments including fleaing, worming and vaccinations before taking a trip. Take the time to look up nearby vets and have your insurance details handy in case of emergency.

  • Bedding – Camping in particular can get quite chilly quickly. Extra blankets and bedding are a must. Familiar smells may also help your dog feel more at home in a different environment so take a blanket or bed from home.

  • Swimming – If your dog loves to swim, always check the depth of water to ensure they do not get into any difficulty. Sudden drops or strong currents can quickly get out of hand.

And finally, have fun!

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