We are already aware of a couple of confirmed cases of Seasonal Canine Illness. 

Seasonal Canine Illness can affect dogs of any size or shape and it a mystery how it comes about! Little is known about it's origins but the illness is possible to identify by several common symptoms.  

The symptoms of SCI are usually seen within three days of being in a woodland area. Dogs will normally exhibit the following behaviours:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • tiredness

If you suspect your dog is exhibiting signs of SCI you should contact your vet immediately, especially if it is within 72 hours of visiting a woodland area. There is currently no cure for SCI. However, some of the symptoms can be alleviated, which means that if your dog receives vet attention quickly most will recover from SCI. 

There have been several confirmed cases across our district over the last month so please take care when walking your dog through woodland. 


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