Will - Rex - 1 year 4 months - Male

This is Will, he came to us following being apart of a multi-rabbit household. Due to this, Will was taken by one of our inspectorate as he was kept in unsuitable living conditions, with many other bunnies. Coming to our centre, was a big change for Will, and he did struggle to begin with. However, now he has felt the love from our staff members, and is starting to show more of his affectionate side. Will is a rex, meaning that he has a lovely soft coat, and he equally loves his coat having a good stroke. Nose scratches are his favourite and he often tucks down and would happily have a stroke all day. We would love to find Will another bunny friend, and we believe that the beneficial home for Will would be with children aged (8+) who understand that Will needs a little more patience with handling. Will would also love a home that has lots of enrichment, and lots of space to run about. 

If you are interested in offering Will a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.