Marley - Labrador - 1 year 10 months - Male

We would like to introduce you all to our newest kid on the block, and we certainly hope that he will prove just as popular among you, the public, as he is amongst the staff here on centre. This beautiful boy is Marley! Marley is every bit as loving, playful and handsome as his movie counterpart, although thankfully he isn't quite as mischievous. Marley is a truly gorgeous boy, right down to his core. And while he is certainly easy on the eyes, his good looks aren't all that he brings to the table. Marley just exudes that goofy kind of charisma that goldies are so well known for. That sort of "unaware of his own size, pin you up for a cuddle and smother you in sloppy kisses" loveableness that never fails to capture your heart. And with just one look into those deep brown eyes, you will surely find yourself well and truly hypnotised by the sweet boy that you see before you. Marley live his life to the fullest, he gladly bares his soul for everyone to see and understand. To observe the pureness that courses through every fiber of his being. And nowhere is this more obvious than when you take a glance into those warm eyes of his.

However, Marley's transition into kennel life has proven to be a little jarring for him, particularly because he just lives for people. Marley enjoys nothing more than some equally loving company, someone that can understand that this big character of his is waiting for them, but due to his current circumstances it just might take a little time. But we give you our word when we say that the personality that awaits you is well worth the wait. With this, Marley is looking for a family that will be around quite a lot of the time -at least initially- to help ease him into his new life and give him the confidence to well and truly thrive. Marley could live in a family with children 12+ as well as dog savvy cats, as he has lived alongside them previously. While Marley has made a few furry friends here on centre, he can occasionally find himself getting a little overwhelmed in their presence. And with this, we believe Marley would be best suited as the only dog in the home for now. But with some steady socialisation with calmer, more confident dogs, we know that Marley would be more than capable of making a few doggy pals while out and about.

If you are interested in offering Marley a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.