Flo - Lop - 6 months - Male

Everyone meet Flo, our little love bug here on centre. Flo was unfortunately abandoned by his previous owners, and ended up in our care. Even with his past, it hasn't stopped Flo being an affectionate boy. He loves to greet you in the mornings and especially when it is veggie time. He loves to supervise cleaning, and by supervising, we mean him trying his best to get all of our attention. Flo is a younger bun, meaning that he is still developing social skills and new experiences. He is taking everything in his stride, or should we say “hop”, so we would love for his new adopters to carry on showing him the ropes and encouraging positive experiences. We would love to find Flo a new bunny friend, so that he has lots of company. Flo could be rehomed with children of all ages, dogs and cats, as long as there is an adult supervising the interactions.

If you are interested in offering Flo a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.