Jax - German Shepherd Dog - 9 months - Male

This baby faced beauty is the loveable Jax. Jax has had a bit of a turbulent start to his young life, and now he is looking for a dedicated forever family that are keen to help him work towards his brightest future. Jax is as energetic as they come and would like for his future family to be just as active as he is, indulging him in all of life's greatest adventures. This lively lad absolutely loves his toys -particularly boomer balls- which he adores chasing around our secure compound area, burning off some steam before he requests some much deserved ear rubs and chin scratches. Jax is incredibly affectionate with those that he considers to be his friends, he's always right alongside you, rubbing affectionately against your legs and always checking in for a bit of reassurance when a situation gets a little too overwhelming for him. It's also worth noting that Jax is a massive foodie- usually thinking with his stomach before his brain- and this has been the basis of much of his training. Food and treats, while a brilliant reward system, can sometimes be a little too tempting for Jax and he can have the occasional lapse in manners that youngsters like him are prone to. He's been coming along well with the "gentle" prompt, but would like for his future family to be happy to continue his manners training in a way that is engaging and consistent for him. Jax has, unfortunately, found life in kennels to be a little stressful as he is a people oriented dog, through and through. And with this, he would like for his people to be around a lot of the time to keep him company, but with a face and personality as beautiful as his, you may also find yourself struggling to leave his side. Due to the nature of his training, Jax would be best suited to a home with children 14+ and as the only pet in the household, however Jax has made a few friends here on centre, so could potentially make a few new doggy friends while out and about in his new area.

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