With holiday season here for many of us it is important to plan for your pet too.

If your pet won’t be going with you you’ll need to find suitable care for them in your absence. There are a number of options including using pet sitters, having friends or family care for them or finding suitable alternative accommodation such as a cattery or kennel. It is important to consider which option will be best for your pet. For instance if they are particularly anxious and like their home comforts it may be best for a friend or family member to stay with them at your home. If you choose to put your pet in boarding you’ll need to ensure it has all the necessary requirements such as a licence and insurance, for a full list of what to check click here.

If your pet will be travelling with you there are a number of considerations to take into account. If you are staying in the UK firstly you’ll need to ensure that where you are staying allows pets. You’ll also need to make plans for the journey to ensure your pet can have comfort breaks and make sure that the mode of transport is safe for them. Once you arrive your pet will also need their own space and a chance to adjust to their new surroundings. Get a feel for the local area too and if you are heading to the beach double check if it allows animals. It’s also worth remembering that if you plan to go out for the day your pet may not be ok left for long periods in an environment they don’t know.

Heading abroad? In the EU pet passports are no longer valid, you will instead need an animal health certificate from your vet. You will need to visit your vets at least a month in advance to get everything sorted and up to date. For more tips on travelling with your pet click here

Regardless of where you are going it is key to make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations and worming treatments, plus any others that may be required depending on destination. Also pack everything your pet may need from bedding and toys to medication and food. Do your research and make sure you know where the local vets are just in case you need to get there in an emergency. 

Finally, if you’ve not already done so, get your pet microchipped. This gives you increased peace of mind should they go missing in unfamiliar territory.