Wilma came into our care through no fault of her own with an old injury to her front leg which was causing her to limp. After a thorough check over with the vets, including x-rays, it was determined that the injury happened when she was just a puppy. Wilma has completely adapted to the injury and it causes her no discomfort. She is more than happy running around which shines through in her beautiful personality. 

And Wilma's fabulous personality also ensured she wasn't looking for her forever home for long. We are pleased to report she settled very quickly into her new home and has even made friends with the owner's other two dogs. 

If you are looking to adopt a dog please visit our 'Dogs for Adoption' page. 

With many animals coming into our care needing extra care and treatment, and all animals receiving a vet check, we often have additional costs to meet (it costs an average of £2000 a day to keep our animal centre operational). Any support towards these costs is greatly appreciated and helps our team to continue offering the care and support to animals in need. 

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