Over the last few weeks, we have been receiving updates on some of the Vizslas that were adopted from our centre between August and November 2023.


Riz (formerly Archie) was adopted in August.

“Riz is very smart and obedient, but does love barking for attention!”


Cooper (formerly Will) was adopted in August too.

“Cooper is settling in nicely. He is full of energy and mischief. Puppy training is going well so far – he’s good with ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and recall.”


Parker (formerly Louis) was adopted in September.

“Parker has come on leaps and bounds since coming home with us. He has been to puppy playgroup to help with socialisation, and is doing great. He loves all people and greets them with a wiggle and a wag. He is growing so fast but firmly believes that he’s never too big for a cuddle! Thank you for all the care and support that you gave him to make sure he could grow strong and healthy.”


Gino (formerly George) was adopted in September too.

“Gino is doing extremely well and loves his walks. He is doing well with his training and socialisation – for his age, he is doing beyond what we expected. We love him so much and feel very grateful and lucky that we have him in our lives.”


Milo was adopted in October.

“Milo has settled in very well. He has gained weight and is doing well with house training. Lead walks are progressing well and we are slowly building the amount of time that Milo is out walking. He has met the horses and is becoming more comfortable around them.”


Frankie (formerly Chiko) was adopted in October too.

“Frankie has loved being in our lives since day one, and we have loved raising her! She loves cuddles on the sofa and playing with all her new toys. She is very spoiled and has lots of lovely doggy friends who she goes on woodland walks with. We think she’s a very pretty girl and we love to show her off!”


Mito was also adopted in October.

“Mito has settled in very well.”


Parker was adopted in November.

“Parker has settled into our home perfectly. He has made himself at home since the minute he got here and we can’t remember what it was like without him. He has definitely brought us so many laughs and lots of smiles!”


Omega was adopted in November too.

“Omega has settled in really well. He is house trained and continuing to learn new things every day. He is still frightened of road noises, cars etc. but is slowly growing in confidence.”


Zita was also adopted in November.

“She has settled in amazingly well and is already well and truly part of the family. She is in a daily routine and thriving on that. She is an incredibly bright, loving, and gentle dog and everyone that meets her falls in love with her.”


We would love to hear (and share) updates on how your furry family members are doing since leaving our care. Send your ‘Happy Ever After’ story to [email protected] with their best photos attached!