When Tinks was made available for adoption, she quickly received an abundance of applications from aspiring adopters. She found her forever home with Tracy’s family, who has been sending us weekly updates of her time in their home.


As an older dog, she settled in quickly and is loving life in a relaxing home environment. Tracy told us that Tinks loves having all the doors open so she can wander into the garden at her own leisure. On sunny mornings, she likes to relax in the conservatory, followed by a trot outside before coming back inside to nap. She loves her naps and has a very cosy bed that she spends a lot of time in. She can also jump onto the sofa and can even get upstairs – which they didn’t expect her to be able to do. Tinks has quickly worked out where her treats are kept and likes to wait there when she wants a snack. She also lets you know when she needs to go outside to do her business. She is such a well-behaved dog and a perfect addition to their family.

“She is a character and half, and we all love her very much”.


When the week 2 update came in, Tracey said it feels like Tinks has been a part of their family forever. She has quickly got used to the family routine and settled in amazingly well. She enjoys gentle walks when the weather is cooler, and knows which direction home is.


Older pets often take longer to rehome due to their age. However, Tinks is proof that age doesn’t stop them from filling your life with joy. Click here to view our animals for adoption, and do not let their age put you off!