Roxy was adopted from us in September 2020. Here we catch up with her new owners, Danielle and Ryan, to find out how she is getting on.

What first attracted you to Roxy?

Her little smile and floppy ear on her advert photo (see below).

How did Roxy settle in?

Roxy settled in very quickly, she made herself comfortable on our sofa and in our bed too! She has made lots of 4 legged friends on our local field and is loved by all of our family and friends.

Does Roxy have any favourite toys, foods, places to sleep, etc.?

When we first came to visit Roxy, she didn't play with any toys in the centre. We bought some for her at home, and when she came out of her shell she started to play more. Now her favourite toy is her tennis ball, she likes to throw it around the house and roll on the floor with it. She also takes it with her on every walk! Roxy's favourite food is definitely salmon and her eyes light up when she has it for dinner. Her favourite place to sleep is definitely in bed with me and Ryan!!

Do you have any anecdotes about Roxy?

Roxy sleeps on her bed downstairs, or so we thought... One night I went downstairs in the early hours for a drink, and found she had sneaked onto the sofa! Now we know every night she tip toes off her bed and sleeps on the sofa instead.

What made you decide to adopt an Animal from RSPCA Doncaster, Rotherham and District Branch?

We knew we definitely wanted to adopt rather than buy a dog, so we started looking online and instantly fell in love with Roxy!

What would you say to someone contemplating adopting a rescue animal?

Make sure you have the time and patience to put into the animal, some need more training than others and have had a completely different life to what you can provide them. But it is such a rewarding feeling to have rescued such a loving and fantastic dog, we would always say to adopt and not shop!

Left to Right: Roxy in her Adoption Advert Photo, enjoying her new past time peeling

bark from logs and enjoying the snow earlier in the year

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