We have had a great update from Prince's owner Grahame about how he came into their lives and how he is getting on:

"Prince came into our lives back in July 2019, after sadly saying goodbye to the last of our 3 Bengal (Simba), the others being Maverick and Kaiser. 

Prince was in need of a new loving home and we, whilst never forgetting the happy memories of our Bengal boys, needed to move on.
There seemed to be an instant bond with Prince, felt by both myself & wife Lesley, Prince was to become part of our family.

Prince has his favourite chair (Mine) and loves watching animals on TV, especially big cats. He is also very choosy with toys, although anything that involves a ball or two brings out his dog like habits running from room to room with a ball as his imaginary prey. 

Prince loves his Taste of the Wild biscuits (His main meal) with the odd pouch now and again plus he absolutely loves his treats.
Prince brought feline happines back into our lives and I believe we brought happiness & contentment to Prince."

Here is a video of Prince indulging in one of his favourite past-times, watching his very distant cousins on TV:

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