We have recently received an update on Odin, who was adopted from our centre last December.


“Odin, was Emmett, has turned 1 so I thought I’d share how he’s doing since we adopted him almost a year ago.


He is such an amazing, curious and loving cat. To watch him you would never know he was blind. He has fitted in perfectly and has made our house complete. He loves playing with feathers that the kids bring home for him. He can be very mischievous and has been known to sleep in the dogs bed, jump on the toilet lid and climb on and in bedroom drawers knocking everything down.


He is such a loving cat, and loves being close by. He is extremely vocal, he talks to us a lot more than our other cat and we are assuming that is because he uses his other senses more because he is blind.


I would say to any potential adopter to not let blindness put them off adopting.”


We'd love to hear (and share) updates on how your furry family members are doing since leaving our care. Send your 'Happy Ever After' story to [email protected] with photos of course!