We have recently received an update on Morty, several years after his adoption he has really come out of his shell.


“I wanted to give an update on Morty who is now over 2 years old, (when we first met Morty he was just a few months old). It was just after lockdown when we decided to come and view him and quite a journey for us to come and see him. He was a hissing, shaking scared little critter with whom we fell in love with immediately, and wanted to give a safe home to. We’d lost a scaredy cat a year earlier, and felt Morty would fit the cat shape hole in our lives.

Morty was, and still is a dinky boy. He has grown so much, but still a wee fella but with a big personality, and is always asking for food. He has turned into such a loving and much braver cat who likes nothing more than ‘squiggly wiggly woo’ – (which is scratches, belly rubs and forward rolls when being stroked). He also loves to murmur as he does his zoomies up and down stairs, making him sound like a toddler going errerrerr as they stomp along making a noise as they do.

He’ll often look at us like we’re crazy, with his mouth open; and really loves exploring the garden where he chirrups at birds and anything that moves – but likes to stay safe within the fences – as he is still a little nervous around loud noises and people he doesn’t know. We like him staying safe.

He is such a unique character and we’re so pleased we gave him his forever home. He has a friend in our 15-year-old Lula and follows his human mum around incessantly – and even occasionally lets her pick him up. He even tolerates his human dad now and then and allows him to give scratches if no one else is available! He sends his love. Top catto, Morty!”


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