Every dog has their own personality and set of needs. Some are chilled out and laid back whilst others are energetic and playful; some love to meet new faces whilst others are a little shy. These unique personalities are what make dogs so wonderful, but they are also the reason why rehoming a dog requires a few more carefully considered steps. Here’s how our Assisted Viewing makes sure that a dog can easily become part of your family:


Complete A Lifestyle Match: To get the adoption process started, fill out a Perfect Match form at our Centre. This will instantly match you to the dog(s) in our care whose personality traits and needs will suit your lifestyle.

Introduce Yourself: When you are matched with a dog, you’ll have the opportunity to meet them with one of our team and take them for a walk in our paddock or agility compound. This is your chance to find out how well you connect and ask our team any questions about the dog’s needs.

Have A Meet And Greet: Before taking one of our dogs back home with you, it’s important that they meet any other family members first. This meet and greet is especially important if you have any other dogs to check that they like each other.