Jetson was adopted from us in March last year, and since then he has been living his very own happy ever after. Here’s what Jetson’s new family had to say about their last year together.

“Jetson settled in pretty quickly and was easily bought over by lots of fuss and a game of ball. A couple of days after he moved in, we learnt that he loves collecting the post (although occasionally he nibbles the corner if we're not around!)


Jetson has become part of the furniture and has taken to his training well. He's much calmer generally, until playtime, of course! He loves nothing more than playing ball and running up and down until he runs out of puff. He's very intuitive, incredibly cheeky and full of character - and almost always knows how to get his own way.


A huge thanks to everyone at RSCPA South Yorkshire for their help with the adoption and with some training afterwards!”


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