After almost 6 months in our care, Angel and Roxy finally got their well-deserved happy ending and were adopted last week.


They came into our care a little worse for wear but always had one another for support. Whilst in our care, they would continue to see each other daily and would always enjoy walks together. We didn't want to come between the bond they shared together so after some TLC and love from our animal care team, they were placed for adoption together.


Angel and Roxy spread their infectious energy to anyone and everyone they met. However, any potential adoptions were cut short because rescuing two dogs of this size was 'too much' for most families. This led us to make the difficult decision that perhaps they would need to be rehomed separately.


It wasn't long after posting them separately before a Perfect Match Form arrived from Amber and Josh, and much to our delight, they were interested in adopting Angel and Roxy together! After a couple of meet and greets, the pair had no problem in deciding to go ahead with the adoption.


On 15th March, Amber and Josh arrived for their final meet and greet before taking Angel and Roxy home, and we couldn't resist getting a final photo of our beloved girls! They certainly left a lasting impression on our animal care team and we will miss them dearly but we're so glad that they can now enjoy their golden years in peace and comfort.


Our 'long stay' animals are often overlooked because of their age, despite having so much love to give. Angel was a sweet older girl but still had plenty of energy - she loved running around, although her true passion was cuddles and lots of fusses. Roxy was a gentle giant with a contagious smile that left its mark on staff and volunteers alike here at the centre. She too loved a good potter around, followed by cuddles and a groom to keep her fur soft and fluffy.


We will forever be thankful to Amber and Josh for giving Angel and Roxy the second chance at happiness that they so desperately deserve. We also hope that this will encourage others to consider all our animals when wanting a rescue pet.