Whilst in our care, this beautiful boy was named Damien. He didn't adjust well to cattery life so spent some time on foster with a trusted member of our team. Slowly but surely, he started to gain confidence in a home environment and showed his true personality.

He is now named Gizmo.

We received this lovely update from his adopter which warmed all of our hearts, including that of his foster mummy:


Dear Aunty Georgia,

It's been over a month since you sent me to this new people's pen. I must say it's rather nice here and I've settled in very well. It's very spacious and I've found lots of lovely places to rest and sleep. I'm putting on a little bit of weight and I've got a whole toy box to myself. The people are very friendly and make a fuss of me; I often curl up on one of them or against them as it's nice and warm.

There's a minor issue of another feline who also lives here: we haven't hit it off and we've both got a few minor scrapes, but things are improving - we're getting used to each other and as long as we keep a little bit of distance things are fine.

The people keep putting my toys in my toy box whereas I prefer them all over the lounge floor so that I have a choice of what to play with - so I keep the people amused by hiding my rattley balls all over the house as they seem to enjoy crawling round on all fours finding out where I've hidden them!

Something different happened recently when some other people came in - that was a huge amount of fun because they scattered paper all over the floor and gave me some new toys for my toy box. There were lots of interesting things to investigate and play with that day. 

They have also let me out of the people pen into a big area outside where I can go where I like. I'm not quite sure about this because it's new and a bit scary. I'm slowly getting used to it, although one day, the male person was a little bit unkind when he wouldn't let me back in despite my meows. However, I immediately got the better of him because I found out that I can open the little cat window all by myself, so now I can go outside and come back home again whenever I want!

So overall, I really like it here. It's a lovely place for a cat to live and I hope that this is going to be my purrever home.

Love Gizmo