We have recently received an update on Frankie (formerly Missy), who was adopted from our centre in July 2022.


“Frankie came back to her forever home in July 2022. She has made me smile and laugh and has given me so much joy since she came home with me.


After some time dedicated to building up her stamina, she loves nothing more than to run around like a total frootloop – in the local parks, the Peak District, and on the beach. Then, when she is home and tired, she will happily sleep on the sofa or on my bed – goodbye white bedsheets!


Frankie has zero understanding of personal space and will sit in my lap, crawl onto my pillow, or often hit me in the face in the middle of night whilst she gets comfy and wants a belly rub.


Thank you so much for giving me this absolute bundle of love.”


We would love to hear (and share) updates on how your furry family members are doing since leaving our care. Send your ‘Happy Ever After’ story to [email protected] with their best photos attached!