Duff was such a nervous boy in our cattery. Originally found as a stray with his mum and four siblings, Duff was the only one who seemed unable to make friends with our staff. 

Duff went to live with a member of staff for a month to see if he would improve and if his confidence would grow in a home environment. Slowly but surely, Duff began to come out of his shell. He was a cheeky little cat who would help himself to glasses of water and cups of tea! While he was still unsure about being handled, Duff made such great progress that we decided he would go up for adoption. 

Fantastically, only a day later, a family who were experienced with timid cats came forward and asked to meet Duff. After a successful Meet & Greet, Duff went home a few days later! 

Now in his forever home, Duff is doing better everyday. He will still hide in the wardrobe when things get a bit too scary, but he is playing and is working up towards meeting the resident Bengal! He is a glowing example of how much progress a scaredy-cat can make when given a loving chance.