We've had a great update from Eli's owner (Michelle) about how he came into their lives and how he has settled over the last 3 years:

"We adopted Eli in September 2018 when he was retired from being a stud. When he first arrived home with us, he was somewhat smelly and dishevelled and wasn’t very sure of himself.

Eli in our cattery before he found his forever home

Fast forward three years and he’s a completely different cat. It was a hard journey as Eli was a retired stud and would often run at our female cat, but the journey has been worthwhile as Eli has found his voice and his personality now shines through.

When he wants attention, he’ll tap us on the leg or arm for a cuddle. When he’s not snuggled in his teddy bear blanket, he enjoys running around the back garden and playing tig with our other cats.


He loves being around people and will join in if we have visitors. One of his favourite people for extra cuddles is a friend of ours who is a fosterer for your branch. Eli visits the cat groomer every few months to keep his coat in good condition, and he loves being groomed. His favourite treat is tuna."