Do you remember the celeb-kittys we had available for adoption in December 2021? Arlene was adopted by Kelly and although she was a little on the quieter side, she settled in very well. She was so playful and loving in her new home and Kelly thanked us for giving her the opportunity to adopt.

A month later, Kelly got back in touch to find Arlene a little sister. She adopted one of our coffee kittens, Cappuccino, who has now been renamed Ava. Kelly refers to them as her double A’s – she says they are like Duracell batteries because they never stop!

Ava too was the most timid out of her siblings, but she is getting on really well with Arlene. They are full of mischief and love running around to chase each other.

“I love them both so much – thank you for these precious babies, they mean the world to me!”