We have recently received an update on Dennis, who was adopted from our centre in September 2022.


"It has been several months since we adopted Dennis and we cannot express how happy we are to share our home with this lovely fella.


We love going for daily walks to the local lake and saying hi to the swans and ducks every morning. It seems like it's Dennis's favourite place! Apart from walks he absolutely loves his toys. 99% of them last approximately half a minute. Currently, his most liked toy is a scooby-doo squeaky ball that surprisingly is still in one piece!


We recently visited the Lake District in our campervan and Dennis absolutely loved the new trails and all the views!


Dennis loves fusses and snuggles, he has adopted our bed, but we're working on making him like his own bed more. Our hearts melt to see him so happy.


Thank you RSPCA Doncaster for all you've done for Dennis and for making us his parents.

All the best,

Evie, Andy and Dennis 🐾"

We'd love to hear (and share) updates on how your furry family members are doing since leaving our care. Send your 'Happy Ever After' story to [email protected] with photos of course!