Coco (was Chloe) came to us as a very independent, strong-willed rabbit who generally liked to be left to her own devices. However, after she was adopted by Victoria and Chris, her temperament immediately changed. 


We love to receive updates from our adopters. Here's one provided by Coco's new family:

"Coco immediately settled in well. She started hopping around and exploring straight away and seems to enjoy being in a house. She has already adopted the nickname Loco Coco due to her mad charges around the living room and diving through the cats tunnel. The cats and her are getting used to each other and we have had several nose touches. Although she has chased them a couple of times!

Coco loves to explore, including under the sofa and climbing the stairs! She also loves to come and say hi and get her ears stroked, but her favourite thing is having a bite of banana before Daddy goes to work.

Her temperament immediately changed from the rabbit with attitude we met and we are looking forward to see her personality develop even more!"