We have recently received an update on Cheeto, who was adopted from our centre in May 2020.


“We adopted Cheeto (then Cheetah) in May 2020 and he has brought us joy every day since. 


Cheeto is one of the happiest dogs with the waggiest tail, and he made himself at home with us straight away. He absolutely adores people and dogs alike, thinking everyone is his best friend, so he definitely commands the attention of the room (or street!) You would never know he was part of a cruelty case, but that's showing his forgiving nature. 


Cheeto is very smart and learns new tricks easily, and he enjoys walks out in the Yorkshire countryside, though he'd much rather roach upside down on the sofa given the chance! He's super snuggly with no concept of how big he is. He wants to be cosy and warm and as close to us both as possible - ideally squished in-between us!


He is a grateful dog, and appreciates every new toy he receives. We feel incredibly lucky to have been able to welcome Cheeto into our lives, and can't imagine a day without him. 


Thank you always.”


We'd love to hear (and share) updates on how your furry family members are doing since leaving our care. Send your 'Happy Ever After' story to [email protected] with photos of course!