Beautiful Bella joined us at the South Yorkshire Animal Centre in the spring of last year and spent every day since making us fall in love with her. Bella refused to believe she was too big to be a lap dog and would often be found flopping onto the legs of her favourite carers before falling asleep and only shifting for tea time. Although her manners were a little rough around the edges, Bella’s warm personality always shone through. As 7 months passed, we just couldn’t understand why Bella was still waiting for a chance in her forever home – she had even had her very own professional photoshoot with us.

Sometimes good things come to those who wait, and boy did Bella wait. 234 days after her arrival at the centre, Bella left us for her new adventure in her forever home. And she has wasted no time in making herself part of the family. Her new owner adores her and says she has settled in amazingly.