You may remember Bella from one of our previous posts.

She came into our animal centre via the National RSPCA Inspectorate team who believe that she had been dumped. Upon entry, she had visible signs of neglect – she was severely underweight with a skin allergy and overgrown claws, among multiple other issues.

Whilst in our care, Bella received the treatment and TLC that she so desperately needed. Just over 2 months later, Bella had improved immensely and was ready for adoption. After a further 2 months, Bella made the journey to her new home.

Now, thanks to her adopter James, Bella is happy and settled in a permanent home environment. Her sweet nature continues to shine through and she has proved to be the loving family pet our team knew she always would be.

This is just one example of our work, and shows what a difference a home environment can make. However, there are many other animals in our care who are yet to find their happy ending. Could you be the reason that an animal makes the progress that Bella has?