Bella and Pixie were a shy, reserved pair who needed someone that would allow them time to come out of their shell and regain their confidence. Thankfully, Laura and Callum had the patience and love that they were looking for.

Laura said "When we first met them in the cattery, they were really anxious and we even had a little hiss from Pixie. However, we understood that this was mostly due to fear and we knew we had a safe space and a lot of love to offer these girls. It took 6 hours for them to come out from under the sofa. However, they have been ruling the roost ever since and their personalities have definitely shone through. They are a lot more confident now - it's hard to believe that they're the same girls we saw that day. They're crazy, greedy and will do anything for a dreamie! They're pure comedy and have 100% stole our hearts!"

Bella and Pixie are proof that even the shyest of animals will become the most loyal companions as long as you give them time to adjust to their new environment.