Beautiful Basil was adopted from us in October 2021. We are amazed at how quickly he has settled into his new home, and would like to thank Abigail and her family for providing him with the loving home he sure deserves!

A day after adopting Basil, Abigail contacted us to give us a quick update:

"Basil has had a great first 24 hours. He's enjoying learning some commands and is definitely a smart cookie [...] Next step is some classes for him to hopefully help with lead training and help with his manners."


Since then, we have received several updates about how well Basil is getting on with his training, followed by some amazing videos and very cute photos.

"Basil is on week 2 of training classes and he is loving them. He’s walking really well on the lead and loves meeting other dogs. He is great being left alone as he loves his dog training games we leave him with, and he is even starting to come for some snuggles in the evenings instead of napping on his own."


Basil enjoying his walks and showing off how good he is at giving paw

"He loves digging and doing zoomies in the garden. We've been so surprised that he is going against his breed traits by enjoying cuddles in the evening (after his crazy hour of puppy play that is)."


We LOVE this photo of Basil