We have recently received an update on Toby, who was adopted from our centre in October 2023.


“After meowing most of the journey home, Toby settled in very quickly. He mostly spends his mornings chasing the sun around the living room, and his evenings sat in the warmest spot he can find. He loves to make use of the open staircase to keep an eye on us.


Toby is still very driven by food and loves to remind us when his next meal is due. He occasionally gets the zoomies and likes to play with his toy mouse, caterpillar, or his own tail! We have had a few friends over to meet Toby and he has taken it all in his stride, demanding food and attention from everyone.


We feel super lucky to have Toby as he is so loving and has a fabulous personality. We cannot believe he spent so long at your centre. He is the perfect addition to our family; thank you very much for helping us to find him.”


We would love to hear (and share) updates on how your furry family members are doing since leaving our care. Send your ‘Happy Ever After’ story to [email protected] with their best photos attached!