(most recent) UPDATE: Cleo has now successfully undergone her BOAS surgery. As you can see from the photo, she looks much happier in herself and we have already noticed significant improvements in her breathing. Following the surgery, Cleo is on some medication but hopefully within the next couple of weeks, she will be signed off by the vet for rehoming.
UPDATE: Cleo has had her bilateral entropion corrected. On further investigation, her left eye did unfortunately require removal. She is healing well and once recovered will have her BOAS surgery. We will update once this has been carried out.
Since Cleo came into our care, we have had a French Bulldog who has required the BOAS surgery. This has been done and has proved a success, but has added to the costs for the Branch.


The #SaveOurBreath campaign informs and educates the public on brachycephalic animals. Brachycephalic animals are those with flat-faces, smaller skulls and shorter snouts. Examples include British bulldogs, French bulldogs and pugs, but it isn’t limited to just dogs. Although these dogs are undeniably cute, they come with a high risk factor as they are predisposed to suffer from a number of devastating issues, such as breathing difficulties. This causes the dog distress, and can be both emotionally and financially distressing for the owner.

Common problems associated with breathing difficulties – such as loud breathing and snuffling – have become normalised and videos have been shared across the media with the intention of providing entertainment. Brachycephalic breeds are celebrated at Crufts, although many still have visible signs of suffering. We believe that their welfare should come before winning.


Cleo is a 4 year old bulldog who came into our care neglected and suffering from multiple health issues, partially because of her brachycephalic nature. She must undergo corrective BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) surgery before she is able to be rehomed. This operation removes the excess tissue that is causing obstruction along the airway, hereby widening the passage for airflow. This is an expensive procedure and she will also require a bilateral entropion and cherry eye removal, as well as taking a long list of medication for other health issues.

At our Doncaster, Rotherham and District Branch, we are seeing an increase in the number of dogs coming into our care requiring expensive surgery. We are working hard to limit Cleo's suffering and give her the best possible life going forward. We are committed to undergoing all necessary surgery and providing all necessary medication in order to rehabilitate her. We would greatly appreciate if you could support Cleo's journey by making a financial contribution. You can also help other brachycephalic animals like Cleo by completing the surveys below.


National RSPCA are asking you to report each time you see a brachycephalic animal featured in TV programmes, films, advertisements or other promotional avenues. Click here to share what you’ve seen.

If you own a flat-faced pet, we would appreciate if you could share your experience here.

The information collected will be critical for how we tackle this major welfare issue. By taking part in the #SaveOurBreath campaign, you can help to protect future generations of animals from needless suffering.


We greatly appreciate all donations, no matter the size, and all funds are put to good use to help provide a better future for the animals in our care.


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