The 15th of July is Pet Fire Safety Day, we would remind pet owners to be mindful of fire related hazards in the home as well as how to ensure pets are safe in the event of a fire.


How to protect your home from fires caused by pets:

  • Use flameless candles that feature bulbs as opposed to wicks. If you do want to use real candles, ensure pets are never left unattended near the open flame.
  • If your dog is large enough to reach the counter with its front paws, either ensure your stove is switched off at the wall or remove the knobs on the stove before leaving the house.
  • Pet proof your home by looking for potential fire hazards through the eyes of a pet. Loose wires, stove tops and piles of flammable objects near items that heat up are all potentially dangerous.


How to keep pets safe in the event of a house fire:

  • Ensure pets are wearing collars and that their leads are easily found near a door. This way, whoever is the first on the scene of a fire will be able to quickly and easily lead your pets to safety.
  • Provide pets with an escape route in case of fires. Avoid locking pets away in a room where they have no escape option in case of emergency.
  • Never leave home without thoroughly extinguishing all flames properly.
  • Be aware of where your pets tend to nap or hide so that you know where to look if you need to find them quickly.
  • Let firefighters know exactly what to look for. Window stickers that provide information on the type and number of pets inside can be incredibly useful in alerting firefighters to the fact that they should also be looking for pets.