Without even trying, our pets become a huge part of our lives and our families. Losing a pet can be difficult to deal with and can bring about uncertainty over what to do next. Our Cremation Service is here to support you; our team will guide you through the process and resolve any worries that you might have along the way.

We work with a highly reputable company to ensure that the cremation of your pet will be carefully looked after so that only they will be returned to you. Our Cremation Service is tailored to your wishes with a range of caskets, urns and scatter boxes for you to make your selection from.

Although losing a pet isn’t easy, you can find comfort in the knowledge that all donations to our Pet Cremation Service go towards helping us to continue our care for rescued animals.   

To find out more about saying goodbye to your pet with our Cremation Service, contact our team to guide you through each step.

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