As a standalone branch of the RSPCA, we have to raise around 97% of our running costs ourselves. This means we rely heavily on generous donations of the public, as well as our own methods of income generation (like fundraising events and retail outlets).


Therefore, your support is a massive help. There are so many different ways you can help us, some of which are listed below:



There is a vast range of items that you can donate to us:

- clothing, toys, and bric-a-brac to ensure a continual cycle of good quality items in our charity shops

- books, DVDs and CDS which we can recycle for extra funds

- new/unused gift sets, cosmetics, fragrances, candles, alcohol, chocolates etc. to use as raffle and tombola prizes at our events

- old packaging, like cardboard boxes, padded and hardback envelopes, bubble wrap, kraft paper, polystyrene packaging chips, tissue paper etc. for us to package our online orders

- cardboard boxes and carpet tiles are great enrichment for our cats 

- newspaper always comes in handy for use on our rabbit unit

- blankets, towels and bed sheets for bedding in our kennels

- new or lightly used animal beds and toys which we can reuse for the animals in our care


                Retail Outlets

1. We have charity shops located in Bawtry, Rossington and Thorne. They sell a vast range of donated items. These are mostly preloved (but excellent condition), although there may be some new donated goods there too! It’s worth visiting our shops on a regular basis as the stock is always being rotated.

2. We have online retail outlets too: Depop, eBay, Vinted and Buy Charity. This is great if you aren’t local to us but would still like to support us. They each sell a varying range of products. Where as Vinted and Depop are mainly new clothing, eBay and Buy Charity is a mixed range of both clothing and other goods, both new and donated. Again, it’s worth checking regularly as new items are always being uploaded.

3. We also have a Pet Supplies Shop located at our Animal Centre. This is open to the public and sells a range of pet accessories, including food.


                Other Websites

- Easy Fundraising

- Pets at Home Lifeline Points

- Amazon Wishlist



We try to hold a wide range of events so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You can help us just by attending our events, or by sharing our promotional posts with your friends. You can keep up to date with what we have planned here. Money raised at these events supports the operation of our animal centre and contributes towards our daily running costs. If you own your own business, keep a look out for stall opportunities at our events!




Volunteering is a truly rewarding experience with plenty of benefits for both you and our animals. If you have any spare time, why not consider becoming a volunteer for us? We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities, from site maintenance, to animal enrichment, to fostering. Click here to find out more.


                Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering days at our animal centre enable your staff to see and contribute to our work first-hand. It can also benefit your business, for example by developing team building and communication skills. If you wish to support us through a corporate volunteering day, please contact Sarah via email: [email protected]

Businesses can also become corporate heroes, or can support us by offering their services when we need them. For more information, click here, or call 01302 719790 to speak to a member of our team.


However you choose to support us, we are extremely grateful and thank you for allowing us to continue our mission of rescuing and rehabilitating as many animals as possible.