Whilst Spring runs from 20th March until 21st June, a lot of people tend to devote a few days of their Easter break to Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is essentially the practice of deep-cleaning your house in the Springtime, meaning your house feels bright and airy in time for Summer. Whilst this means wiping and dusting every surface from the floor to the ceiling, it also includes decluttering and getting rid of items you no longer need.


Rather than throwing unwanted items in the bin, why not give them the opportunity to be reused by someone else? You can donate your unwanted items to our charity shops; they will be greatly appreciated and will make a sizable difference to the future of vulnerable animals.


As a self-funded animal centre costing in the region of £2000 a day to operate, we heavily rely on public support. Our charity shops are our single biggest source of income but we do depend on a continual cycle of good quality donations to continue our important animal care work.


For more information regarding our charity shops and donation drop-off points, click here.


We also have a monthly drop-off point at Lakeside Village. Click here for more information.


You can also support us with your unwanted items by selling them on eBay. When listing your items, you can choose to ‘donate a portion to charity’ and then select us (RSPCA Doncaster, Rotherham and District Branch) as your chosen charity. You can choose what percentage of the sale you would like to donate to us.


Click here to view our eBay.