Planning to head out for a picnic? Here are our top tips for making it dog friendly:

Pick the perfect spot

As tempting as it is to choose a sunny spot, remember that your dog will need some shade to help them stay cool. If you know shade will be in short supply remember to pack a large umbrella, parasol or gazebo.

Remember to pack dog friendly food

When packing your food keep your pooch in mind. It is likely that they will be interested in what you’re eating so ensure that you take some pet friendly snacks too. It is also a good idea to pack your picnic in something that can be closed or zipped up to ensure your dog isn’t tempted to help themselves. For more information about safe diets for your dog click >here<.

Keep hydrated 

As well as food, make sure you take fresh, clean water for your dog as well as a suitable container. There are lots of handy transportable water containers available but a bottle and bowl will work just as well.

Timing is everything

If your picnic is going to include some fun and exercise too try to enjoy these activities before you eat. If you're planning to eat around lunchtime chances are the weather will be cooler and its best that your dog doesn’t run around straight after eating. (Don't forget to pack your dog's favourite toys too).

Be responsible

When you’ve finished make sure that you remember wildlife and take all your rubbish away with you. It is easy for animals to become trapped or injured by waste.

For more tips on enjoying warm weather safely with your pet click >here<.